Paddington gifts

Paddington 2 is about to be released.. can't wait to see it!   Meantime, here are some Paddington gifts ideas..

Paddington Gifts

Get ready for 2018!

Make the most of 2018 and get organised...

Get a family planner 2018

Give a hug...

A hug is great gift - one size fits all and it's easy to exchange.

Author unknown
The Quote Garden

Giving Gifts


Gift ideas for friends and family who love gardens, nature, animals, conservation  and the outdoors, with garden gifts, garden experience days, tree gifts, conservation gifts, adopt an animal, this is your life gifts, cricket gifts and more!

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Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal  

Lots of animals to adopt... 

for animal lovers who have everything


Give a garden experience day to a garden lover

Garden Experience Days 
Gardens to visit, flower arranging, 
garden flower shows, 
garden tours & more... 

Tree Gifts

Tree Gifts
Trees matter and 

they make great gifts

Adopt a Giraffe

Adopt a Giraffe or give a giraffe encounter!



Elephant Poo Notebooks
Look after the earth

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

Author Unknown
The Quote Garden