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Anniversary Gifts - why not send a tree?


Wedding anniversary gifts - what do you give people who have been married for a long time?

Part of the difficulty with anniversary gifts is that many people already have everything they want already - so what do you give them?  Flowers are one option but they don't last long.  So how about sending a rose bush or a tree for their garden? have gift ideas for gardens for many different anniversaries, from the 1st Anniversary to the 60th Diamond Anniversary! 

Send a Diamond 60th Anniversary Rose Bush 

This beautiful Diamond 60th Anniversary Rose Bush suits small, medium or large sized gardens and it can be potted or planted.  And it will provide everlasting joy year after year, representing eternal love!  So romantic!

The diamond white roses contrast against the glossy deep green leaves which really makes them stand out.  The spring will bring a wash of colour and fragrance, which will develop right through to late summer

This lovely rose bush is good value too and will last far longer than flowers. You can send this gift from - just as florists send flowers, so sends trees and bushes

I recently sent my Mum the Simply the Best Rose Bush from  She was thrilled with the bush - she says the quality is really good.  And I was thrilled with their service - their customer service line was very helpful and the bush arrived in a good condition and in good time.

Click here to see their anniversary gifts and give your loved ones something to enjoy in their gardens! 

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