Paddington gifts

Paddington 2 is about to be released.. can't wait to see it!   Meantime, here are some Paddington gifts ideas..

Paddington Gifts

Get ready for 2018!

Make the most of 2018 and get organised...

Get a family planner 2018

Give a hug...

A hug is great gift - one size fits all and it's easy to exchange.

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Gifts to help the environment from the National Trust Online Shop


If you're looking for a gift which is unusual, meaningful and lasting, what about sending a gift which helps the environment?   

The National Trust Online Shop has a range of gifts to help endangered animals and flowers

The good news is that they have added a number of new gifts to their range. They are perfect for anyone who loves beautiful places and loves flowers, the outdoors, and British wildlife! 

The National Trust protects and cares for over 300 historic houses and gardens and 49 industrial monuments and mills and also forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, downs, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, castles, nature reserves and villages.  They help protect and preserve Britain's beautiful places - many of which are vital to endangered species, both animals and plants.

Their virtual gifts make very unusual gifts.  For instance, can you imagine anyone you know expecting to receive a "Save our precious peat" gift?   Or a "Save Endangered Flowers" gift? 

Prices start from £10 for gifts to Save the Red Squirrel or Save the Large Blue Butterfly, or £15 to Save the Bees.

There are also gifts for particular parts of the country, such as Look after the Lake District - just the thing for anyone who loves the area - or for those who love the coast, you could Guard the Coastline for £20.00.  Those who love walking may particularly like the Mountain Footpaths gift.

You can also Save a Rare Garden Plant or Plant tomorrow's ancient trees for £250 each.

Instead of sending a bouquet of flowers, why not send a virtual gift to help Save endangered wildflowers or to help with Restoring Orchards or restoring or planting a Wildflower Meadow - so vital to many animals?

Your gift could help save endangered wild flowers

Your gift could also save the large blue butterfly
Your gift could help save the large blue butterfly


And for anyone who's bats about bats, there's also a Bat Detector which helps buy specialist detecting equipment needed to carry out essential bat surveys..  

(Or at the top end of the price range, for £2,000 you could also enable the installation of a Hot Box (or a Bat Hotel), the ultimate luxury home for the rare horseshoe bat, installed in the roof void of one of the National Trust's buildings where the horseshoe bats are roosting or where they are hoping to attract them in.) 




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Look after the earth

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

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