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  1. As a little girl, I absolutely adored the Beatrix Potter stories.

    Mum only had to start off "

    Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits - and their names were - Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter."

    and I'd burst into fits of giggles.

    Even today, more than a few years on, the start of that story still makes me smile and feel good inside.   And I still have the collection of the Beatrix Potter stories in a beautiful box on my bookshelf.  They are just so beautifully illustrated.   

    Those of you who know and love the tales from Beatrix Potter and who've seen the film about her life staring Renée Zellweger will know the work she did to support the National Trust.  When Beatrix died in 1943, she left 15 farms and over 4,000 acres of land to the National Trust. Hill Top Farm was kept exactly as it had been when she lived in it and today thousands of people visit it every year.

    There are some lovely soft toys of the characters in the Beatrix Potter collection - Peter Rabbit, of course, then there's Jemima Puddleduck, Benjamin Bunny and Mrs Tiggy Winkle.  

    Introducing Peter Rabbit
    Introducing Peter Rabbit

    A few years ago, I gave my mother a beautiful soft toy - Jemima Puddleduck.   To this day Jemima still sits in my mother's bedroom, and she does add a real touch to the corner she sits in.  My mother and I still smile as we walk past her and see her.

    This is Jemima Puddleduck

    This is Jemima Puddleduck

    You can buy them all from the National Trust's Online Shop.  I've used it several times before and I've always found their service to be really good.

    I'm Benjamin Bunny!
    I'm Benjamin Bunny!

    and this below is Mrs Tiggy Winkle
    Hello!  I'm Mrs Tiggy Winkle
    Hello!  I'm Mrs Tiggy Winkle

    Click here to visit the National Trust's Online Shop and the Beatrix Potter collection.  There are some lovely gifts and you'll be supporting the National Trust's work to preserve Britain's beautiful places at the same time :-)  


  2. I was looking at the English Heritage Online Shop this evening.  As someone who loves history and teddy bears, I was delighted to find these rather adorable teddy bears from English Heritage.


    Meet Brother Ted Bear

     Meet Brother Ted Bear (£25), who is in brown hooded robes tied at the waist with white rope and who has a traditional, medieval cross.

    Here's WW1 Trench Bear...

    Trench Bear (£35) displays the uniform of a WW1 trench soldier, a wonderful replica of that worn by soldiers in 1914.  The uniforms are designed, cut and stitched in the UK.  He's 14" and hand finished. 

    WW1 Trench Bear

    There's also an RAF Officer Bear (£35) wearing an RAF styled uniform. The uniforms are designed, cut and stitched in the UK and each uniform is hand finished.  

    Or perhaps you may prefer a Roman Bear, which is made in the softest plush.  Each teddy bear has traditional Roman military garb, complete with tunic, cape and helmet with 'horsehair' crest.  This is an adorable bear, for £35, and would make a great addition to any home.   Here's Roman Bear...

    I'm Roman Bear


  3. Kingfisher Garden Bird Metal Ornament   Blue Tit Garden Bird Metal Ornament

    Garden Wildlife Direct has these delightful garden ornaments, (plus more besides), and there's 15% off this weekend if you use the code ORN15 until midnight Monday 18th September 2017.   This is only valid on garden ornaments.  

    You can get a Barn Owl, a Heron, a Blackbird, a Tall Peacock, to name a few!  Plus there's a hedgehog, a fox, a tortoise, a ladybird and even a cow!  

    Click here to fly away to Garden Wildlife Direct!

  4. Here’s a gift with a difference - adopt a seahorse!  It’s a great gift for the person who has everything, or for anyone who loves sealife. 

    This adoption will help secure a safer future for seahorses, by protecting them and their ocean habitat.

    There are two species around British Coastline, the Spiny Seahorse and the Short Snouted Seahorse – they can be found from the Shetland Isles down the west coast of the UK (and around Ireland) and along the south coast of England.  There have been sightings on the east coast as well.  You can find out more about seahorses here.

    Adopt a seahorse from the Seahorse Trust
    The Seahorse Trust

    Adopt a seahorse from the Seahorse Trust

    You can adopt a seahorse online for £4 a month (minimum of six months’ adoption) from the Seahorse Trust. 

    You’ll get an ID card with information about your Seahorse, a Seahorse Trust Pinbadge, Certificate of your Seahorse adoption, a Seahorse Trust sticker and a fluffy toy Seahorse.  And the Seahorse Trust will send you a newsletter to your registered email address. 

    Click here to give this gift and help seahorses today!

  5. Want to do your bit to help nature along when you get your Christmas cards this year?

    Then take a look at the RSPB Online Shop.   You can support nature conservation and get a great offer on their Christmas cards at the moment - 

    Christmas card offers
    Simply add any two Christmas cards that display the 'Buy 2 save £1' symbol to your shopping basket and the discount will be applied automatically.  Click here to see their Christmas card range.

    Calendar Offer - Large format 
    Also, there's a Calendar offer - Buy any 2 ‘large format’ calendars for £17.  See the calendars here

    Calendar Offer - Slim line
    Buy any 2 ‘slim line’ calendars for £10 (RRP - £6.00, save £2.00).  Fly off for more info here

    Support nature conservation with your Christmas cards

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