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  1. Go to Select Your Magazine for this great offer on National Geographic 

    If you're looking for someone who loves discovering more about Earth and her many wonders and harsh realities, what about giving them a magazine subscription to National Geographic?

    Select Your Magazine have a great offer on it.  This magazine covers many topics from world wars and civilisation to environmental issues and endangered wildlife, covering nature, geography, culture, photography, science and history.  

    National Geographic is National Geographic Society's official journal.  It was first published in 1888, nearly a year after the society was founded. 

    You can send this magazine as a gift, even if the magazine subscription is different to your billing address.  You can also announce your gift by adding an iCard in the checkout.  

    The cover price is £4.99 but you can save up to 68% and have each edition for only £1.58 (that's the average price of each issue over the first 12 months of each subscription option.).  

    Click here to take advantage of this offer.  


  2. The Book of Everyone is giving 50% off their digital version of the book of your dad. You can order this and have it within a few hours. Use the code DIGIDADS50 to receive a personalised digital book for Father's Day.  This code expires on 21 June 2015.

    The Book of Dad from the Book of Everyone

    Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but this is a special edition from The Book of Everyone created just for dad!  It's fast to make and free to preview.  With a special cover design, beautifully crafted artwork, unique customisable pages such as 'Scientifically Proven Best Dad in the World', this is a 50-page celebration of the marvel that is your dad.  

    Go to the Book of Everyone and create your own Book of Dad book