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For Beatrix Potter fans!

For Beatrix Potter fans!

Great soft toys from English Heritage
Great soft toys from English Heritage

Adopt a seahorseAdopt a seahorse

Christmas cards and calendars to support nature conservation....
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Give a hug...

A hug is great gift - one size fits all and it's easy to exchange.

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Give a Penguin gift - adopt a penguin, penguin toy, feed the penguin experience...


Penguins... there are a lovely variety of meaningful gifts for anyone who loves penguins, from the opportunity to meet a penguin, feed penguins, or adopt a penguin.  

There are gifts to help penguins, gifts to meet penguins, and penguin gifts such as penguin pictures, penguin toys and penguin clothing.  There are even penguin chocolates!

Adopt a Penguin from Paradise Wildlife Park

Adopt a Penguin from Paradise Wildlife Park
Was £75, now £50
You'll receive an adoption pack with penguin related information, a photograph and a certificate.  Your pack also includes two park entry tickets so you can visit and enjoy the many attractions and enclosures there.  As part of the adoption pack, your name is also proudly displayed on the Adoption Board of Honour, located just outside the park's animal enclosure.  And you can enjoy 33% off - adopt a penguin for £50 instead of the usual £75!  Go to Red Letter Days to adopt a penguin.

 Adopt a penguin from ZSL London Zoo

Adopt a penguin from ZSL London Zoo

Support ZSL's conservation work around the world when you adopt a penguin!   Adoptions come in a storybook style gift box, with a certificate of adoption, an information booklet all about penguins, a notebook, pencil, postcards, plus fun stickers, badges and bookmarks.  Enjoy the email updates all about the penguins at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo, as their conservation projects in the wild.  Click here to adopt a penguin

Meet the Animals at Bristol Zoo Gardens for One

Meet the Animals at Bristol Zoo Gardens for One
Meet a lemur, a giant tortoise, a penguin, or a meerkat…you find out lots about your chosen animal from the keepers who care for them, and then you can go into their enclosure and meet a meerkat (or a penguin, or a tortoise, or whichever species you choose!)  You can take a friend with you to the zoo - they can't enter the animal's enclosure but they can photogrpah you meeting your chosen animal!   Then you can explore the rest of this incredible zoo. You’ll even be treated to a complimentary drink in the Coral Café.  Please read the Fine Print before you buy.  Click here to find out more from Buy a Gift

Melissa & Doug Penguin - Plush from Amazon
With its signature black and white colouring and dramatic yellow markings, this lifelike stuffed penguin is ready for casual or formal fun! Quality construction and great attention to detail, make this penguin a durable and lovable pal. Befriend one or start your own penguin parade with two or more!  For ages 3+. 
You can buy "Courage" from have some fantastic penguin pictures.  Two of their best sellers are the one for "Courage" pictured left (£9.99), and the one for "Kindness" with two penguin chicks (£5.99, right). Both have inspirational quotes on them, and these can be great ways to decorate a room with inspiring pictures which are fun at the same time. "Kindness" - a lovely gift
Meet The Penguins at Bristol Zoo Gardens Meet The Penguins at Bristol Zoo Gardens
Buy a Gift have a wonderful Meet the Penguins gift at Bristol Zoo Gardens.  How would you like to go behind the scenes and come face to face with the penguins, and have the chance to ask the keeper any questions you have?  Here's your opportunity!  Go to Buy a Gift for more info
 Give a penguin lover a Penguin feeding experience at Druisillas Park in Sussex

Would you like to have a Penguin Feeding Experience?
Head to Drusillas Park in Sussex, where an animal keeper will meet you and give you a behind the scenes tour before taking you to the Penguin enclosure. A health and safety briefing is followed by a short discussion on the two species at Drusillas Park, (Humboldt and Rockhopper Penguins), their conservation status in the wild and how the Park cares for them.  Then get hands on with preparing their food of a fishy treat before helping to feed them. You'll have the chance to get clicking with your camera!  You can stay at the park afteawrds or beforehand to enjoy the day there.  There's a 20% discount for the participant in the Explorers Café Restaurant.  Minimum age: 6 (under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and will receive free entry to the Park but not access to the animal enclosure) Go to Virgin Experience Days for more info



Elephant Poo Notebooks
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