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Photo Gifts - Photography Experience Days

Photography experience days get you to places you wouldn't ordinarily think of visiting - such as wildlife safari parks - and snapping away at things, animals, places and scenes you wouldn't usually see.  And they can be a great fun way to while away a few hours, taking snaps along the way and discovering some tips and tricks to improve your photography skills!

And the great thing is that there are more and more photography experience days available at increasing numbers of venues. From city to countryside, this is a great chance to get snapping and keep a record of your experience, all on camera!    Virgin Experience Days offer a variety of photography experiences, as do Red Letter Days - here are just a few ideas below...

London Photography Experiences 

London Photography Experiences 

Pick from the History of London Photography Tour to a London Creative Photography Course, or try a London City Photography Course, taking in some of the oldest parts of the City of London.  There's even a Bridges of London Photography Course!   You could also take a look at the Camden Photography Course, the Half Day Greenwich Photography Tour or the London Square Mile Photography Course.   Prices start at £20.00

Click here to cross over to Virgin Experience Days for more info 

 One Day Landscape Photography Course  

One Day Landscape Photography Course

There are 4 venues available at the time of writing - two of these in Nottingham, one in London and one in Oxfordshire.  You will need a digital SLR camera for this experience.  It enables you to spend the day outdoors learning the art of landscape photography.  Join a professional photographer and focus on elements such as aperture, shutter speed, composition and lighting.  You'll also find out how to use wide angle lenses and filters, varying light and weather conditions of nature;  you'll discover how to shoot into the light and against it so that you achieve flare-free pictures.  For £135.00 for one.

Click here to go to Virgin Experience Days for more info

 Are you looking at me??

Wildlife Photography Experience Days

Whether you're a big cat lover, or into the little fellas, there are a number of wildlife photography experiences available through Virgin Experience Days.  

The Half Day Animal Photography Collection for £109 means you can choose from Big Cats, Butterfly Photography, Wolf Photography, WIld Red Kite and Macro Photography - there are details of the locaions for each choice on Virgin Experience Days' website.   

 40% off Photography Course at Jessops Academy including Tripod and Print

40% off Photography Course at Jessops Academy including Tripod and Print

Red Letter Days have this great offer off a Photography Course at Jessops Academy.   It's only £110 instead of £184.  It teaches essential skills tips and techniques, using a mixture of theory and practice, and it's geared towards getting the most of a digital camera.   Head for home with the skills you need to take the perfect photo.   This experience also enables you to receive a Velbon EF-41 Tripod and a £35 voucher towards a Jessops canvas print by mail after the session.   Click here to go to Red Letter Days

 Head to Hertfordshire for this Animal Photography experience

Head to Hertfordshire for this Animal Photography experience

Again, this is with Red Letter Days.  You'll benefit from exclusive access to many of the park's scenic animal enclosures - get snaps without being obstructed by mesh or glass!  Paradise Wildlife Park has one of the UK's largest selection of big cats (white lions, cheetahs, jaguars and tigers).  Start with a short photography workshop, and then get close up with many of hte Park's resident species including lemurs, meerkats, reptiles and insects.  Tuck into an afternoon tea in the Tiger Treetops Cafe, then enjoy the other facilities within the park before a photography session to capture many of the animals in their most relaxed state.   Go to Red Letter Days for further details.  
PS There's also a shorter Taster session at the same park.


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