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Wedding Tree


Trees can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony in many ways. You could also plant a tree as part of your wedding ceremony celebrations or the couple could simply plant the tree afterwards at home, symbolising the start of their married life together.  A wedding tree makes a lovely gift, as the tree can grow along the love the couple have for each other!

The good news is that do for trees what florists do for trees - they send trees in the post, rather than flowers.  So you can buy a wedding tree gift online and send it to the happy couple.  Here are a few ideas...

Your Wedding Day Rose Bush Gift

Your Wedding Day Rose Bush Gift

Send roses to grow as their marriage does! A wonderful reminder of the love they share and times they enjoy as their married life progresses.  The beautiful white roses contrast well with deep emerald foliage.   They come to life in early spring, and develop into a beautiful gift during the summer.  Pure perfection!  £24.98 from

The Congratulations Rose Bush Gift


The Congratulations Rose Bush Gift

Send Congratulations with a beautiful rose bush gift.  The roses bloom in delicate pink mid-spring and they provide wonder all the way through to high summer.  The fragrance is beautifully powerful.  A lovely way to congratulate the special couple - they can enjoy this gift going forward in their married life together. All for £24.98.  Go to


Send a small Bay Tree Gift 

Send a small Bay Tree Gift

This Bay Tree is pretty versatile - it can be grown indoors in a pot, or outside on the patio and is the perfect gift for food lovers!  Bay leaves can be added to all sorts of recipes, and these are excellent in Asian and Mediterranean cooking.  It is thought that a Bay Tree growing near or in your garden will protect the house and ward off illness, and it is said to be lucky to celebrate by planting a Bay Tree when a new baby arrives.  All for £35.99 from

 Love in a Bag - send a Native Wildflower Seed Gift Bag

Love in a Bag - send a Native Wildflower Seed Gift Bag 

Sow the seeds of Love with this native wildflower seed gift bag!  It has a red and pink colour mix of Field Poppies and Corn Cockle.  This is an eco-friendly gift, presented in a little drawstring jute bag.   The wildflower mix seeds can be scattered over your garden - then you just wait for the wildflowers to appear during the summer months each year.  And local wildlife will love it! All for £10.00 from

Or how about a wedding tree gift pack from for £40.00?  This gift includes:

  • Tree gift of your choice. Opt for the Tree of Love or the Tree of Life or check out the Ancient Wisdom range to find a tree for the happy couple.
  • Pewter plaque, which can be engraved with personal message of your choice (up to 80 characters including spaces).
  • Wooden plinth for your plaque. (FSC assured.)
  • Tree protector tube and stake to ensure that the tree gets the best start.
  • Personalised wedding greetings card.   Click here for more info

A wedding tree is a lovely gift idea which is different to other wedding gifts, and the nice thing is that have tree gifts to follow the happy couple throughout their married life, and birth to death with memorial trees.  

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