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What day is it? Gifts to help you remember

A lot of us make jokes about not remembering what day of the week it is, but in all honesty, it must make life difficult if you can't really recall the day, and frustrating and worrying to loved ones.

The website Unforgettable has some amazing products to help those with memory loss and dementia;  and it also has several to help remind people what day of the week it is.  A lot of products have VAT relief and many of the descriptions on the site give you an idea of what sort of stage of dementia the products are suitable for. was founded by James Ashwell, who looked after his Mum when she had memory loss - you can read his story here.  The website's mission is to improve the lives of those affected by memory loss and dementia and it is a gold mine of information and advice and well worth a visit. 

Remembering what day of the week it is is just one item the website has products to help with, and here are 3 examples below...

Dual Display Day Clock
Dual Display
Day Clock
Dementia Days of the Week Clock

Dementia Days of
the Week Clock

The Day Clock

The Day Clock

There's also a range of talking clocks, while the MemRabel 2 has a dual feature - you can set up to 20 reminders a day on it and it also tells the time and day of the week - click here for more information.  But this is really scratching the surface of the products available, so do visit Unforgettable's website here

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