Colouring Books for Adults


Browsing through the Amazon list of book-sellers  this week, I was amazed to see how many adult colouring books feature in its list of Best Sellers.   They could also make great little gifts for people who are convalescing, who want something to do with their time that is relaxing and creative. calming and de-stressing.  

My aunt is convalescing at the moment, so for her birthday I sent her a colouring book on flowers, and with it some colouring pencils, pencils, rubber, sharpener, and a block of sketching paper.  She can then spend some time colouring in her books, but she can also have the fun in the sketch book of drawing things - it's up to her.  

Take a look at the Home & Garden section in Amazon and their best selling colouring books have tons of different themes - from Harry Potter to flowers, forests, animals, nature, Christmas, gardens, the Game of Thrones, oceans, bees, cities, Vogue, Zoella, Doctor Who, butterflies, cats, tattoos...  So there's plenty of choice to help you & your loved ones get creative.