Conservation Gifts to keep the planet green!



Wildlife conservation gifts

The great thing about giving wildlife conservation gifts is that both people and animals benefit.  These really are win-win gifts, and perfect for people who have everything or for nature lovers who want to make a difference & cares about animals.  The animals win, you spend your money on something worthwhile - and the recipient knows they have a meaningful gift to help wildlife. 

Wildlife conservation is not about saving animals individually, but about saving their habitat - the areas and homes in which they live - and creating conditions in which they can safely thrive. 

Help the National Trust restore or plant a wildflower meadow

Give a gift membership to the National Trust

 Give them something for the wildlife in their garden
Give them something to help  wildlife in their garden - Garden Wildlife Direct have ideas

There are a many organisations working to help with wildlife conservation and your conservation gift can help contribute to their effort and so help wildlife. Our sister website, Animals Charities, lists many of them. Help wildlife with your gift!

Give a gift to support conservation

The World Land Trust has conservation projects around the world, working with local conservation groups & communities.  You can sponsor an acre of rainforest or more or less of rainforest, either as a gift to a loved one or as a gift to you & wildlife!  

If you're looking for stocking fillers, you could Plant a Tree for £5 or Plant five trees as a main gift in Ecuador.  The project aims to reconnect habitat that's become fragmented, and to provide additional food sources for birds and animals.

You could also "buy an acre" - giving a donation from £25 (which would get you a quarter of an acre) which would help the World Land Trust save an acre of threatened habitat.  

Finally, you could also support a Keeper of the Wild with a donation for £25.  The keepers work to protect wildlife habitat and wildlife and their work is often dangerous.  You can read about some of the rangers here.  Or you can buy something from the World Land Trust's online store - cards, books, art, jewellery

Give wildlife a hedge

Hedges matter to wildlife.  Hedges give wildlife shelter and food, and they are part of the vital wildlife corridors animals need to move from one place to another.  The Woodland Trust has a Hedge Fund - £30 will enable the Trust to create 10m of hedge for wildlife.  Click here to go to the Woodland Trust. 

Protect their favourite species

Many charities have ongoing appeals or projects to raise funds to help the species they are working to portect. As an example, Pandas International in the US has a Bamboo Reforestation Programme to enable wild bamboo to be planted in the areas hit by the earthquake, where much of this food - so vital to pandas - was destroyed.  Farmers found starving pandas on their land, looking for food.  You could give a donation to Pandas International, for instance, towards this appeal.  Equally you can now adopt a panda through Buy a Gift in the UK which also supports Pandas International or adopt a panda at Edinburgh Zoo

If your loved one prefers smaller animals, and is fascinated by creepy crawlies, you could look at gifts from Bug Life or if they prefer animals that fly, you could look at the Butterfly Conservation shop.   And if they are into amphibians, you could go to Froglife.    Animal adoptions are also a great way to support wildlife conservation charities and for recipients to discover all about the work being done to help wildlife.  How about adopting a Giant Tortoise from the Galapagos Conservation Trust?

Save the habitat of one animal, and you save it for thousands or even millions

Within one acre there will be one animal which stands out - such as the jaguar, the polar bear, the elephant. Within this one acre are millions of animals & plants, all linked within the natural world of which we are a part. Help one acre, or one animal, and you help many more. 

The one species acts as an umbrella over all those underneath, hence the term umbrella species.
Protect the habitat of the polar bear, and you protect the habitat of all the animals in his food chain and in his ecosystem.