Memory Book


A lovely gift to give someone could be a Memory Book - something to enable someone to create a memory book of their life, or a particular stage of it.

You need to choose whether you're going to create the momory book - or give them a book which enables them to create it.  And if you're going to create it for them, you need to decide whether to do it in a physical book where you stick things in - which means they could add to it as the years go by - or whether you're going to let them pick and choose the memories they want.

If you want to create a memory book on line, you could visit online websites such as Photobox, Snapfish, The Book of Everyone - and go from there.  They will give you guidance on the technical bits (which they make as easy as they can for you) and you decide what you want to put in.

Create a memory book with Snapfish
Create a photobook with Snapfish 

You can also create a photobook to capture those memories with Photobox

You can also create a photobook to capture those memories with Photobox

Alternatively, you could give your loved one a book in which they create their own memory book.  You could put a quote in at the start or leave it for them to create.  

If you want to give them the chance to create their own memory book, Prezzybox may have just the thing for you - My Life Story means you can document the story of your life.  

My Life Story - document the story of your life
Document the story of your life with My Life Story from Prezzybox and use the section to plan what you want to do, life's ambitions etc so you can tick them off as you go!  

This could be a great gift for a graduation or a wedding, so they can capture a new chapter in their life - or a Christening present, leaving the parents to fill in the early years and then handing it over to their child when the time is right. The book comes with a slip case to protect it over the years.  Buy My Life Story from Prezzybox