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  1. Goodness, Christmas is coming very quickly - where on earth is 2018 going???

    If you're starting to think about Christmas and the Big Day, and you want something to give as a gift or something to decorate the table with, take a peek at Emma Bridgewater.  Their website has a lovely range of products in their Christmas Joy & Reindeer range- just look at these:

    Reindeer Scatter 1/2 Pint Mug

    Reindeer Scatter 1/2 Pint Mug for £19.95

    Reindeer Border 8 1/2" Mince Pie Plate
    Reindeer Border 8 1/2" Mince Pie Plate for £22.95

    Reindeer Scattered Small Old Bowl

    Reindeer Scattered Small Old Bowl for £19.95


    Click here to see Emma Bridgewater's Christmas Joy & Reindeer range

  2. Flying Flowers started back in the beautiful island of Jersey in 1981. 

    The idea was that holiday-makers visiting the island sent carnations back home instead of post-cards.  From carnations their range of flowers spread, and they also send some unusual plant gifts which I thought looked really sweet and very different....

    Just for Ewe  

    Just for Ewe  - comes with a yellow begonia, £22.99

    Jemima Cat Planter

    Jemima Cat Planter - comes with a pink rose plant, for £22.99

    Lord Pigglesworth

    Lord Pigglesworth, comes with a Red Cyclamen Plant for £21.99

    Flying Flowers also have a range of air purifying house plants including a Peace Lily and Fern and Aloe. 

    Click here to fly off to Flying Flowers' website!


  3. Here's a very pretty gift from Bunches.co.uk  - they have a Gardeners Gift in their House Plants section which comes with a rose plant and a hand care set!

    Gardeners Gift from Bunches.co.uk
    Gardeners Gift from Bunches.co.uk

    The lovely pink rose plant comes in a wooden create with a pretty colourful garden trowel.

    The plant comes with a gardening trowel and hand care set

    There's also a Heathcote & Ivory hand care set includes hand wash, hand cream, hand soak and hand balm.

    This plant will give colour to a home

    All for £32.99 from Bunches.co.uk

    Go to Bunches to dig out more information


  4. Travel gifts are a great way for someone to cherish memories they had of a special visit to a place or a particular time in their lives.  They are also something you can give people who are about to embark on a new adventure in a new place, too.

    Emma Bridgewater has a range of gifts in her Cities of Dreams collection which is forever growing with new cities being added.

    They like to make the nice things in life a bit nicer, at Emma Bridgewater, so her mugs and pottery is a great way to give someone to smile about as they have that first cup of tea in the morning, or when they get back from a busy day at work.  

    Florence, Venice, Rome, Edinburgh, Durham, New York, London, Cambridge, Paris, Cambridge, Bath, Oxford and Amsterdam all feature in her Cities of Dreams collection.   You can buy half pint mugs for most of these cities and a couple of them also have a tea towell or larger size mug.   A couple feature items at night, such as London and New York. 

    London at Night Half Pint Mug from Emma Bridgewater
    London at Night Half Pint Mug from Emma Bridgewater for £19.95

    There's also a London at Night Tea Towel for £10.00

    Here's the half pint mug for 

    Edinburgh Half Pint MugEdinburgh Half Pint Mug for £19.95

    New York Half Pint Mug
    New York Half Pint Mug for £19.95

    Venice Oblong Plate

    Venice Oblong Plate for £39.95

    Fly away to Emma Bridgewater's website to see the full range :-)