Personalised garden - garden gifts to personalise your garden



There are some lovely garden gifts you can give which can personalise a garden.  These include personaliesd garden crates, personalised garden gifts, books to help the gardener in your life plan what needs to be done in their garden, and things they want to do.  Watch this space for a range of gift ideas soon!

Personalised crates from Suttons Seeds

Suttons Seeds have a number of different crates of different sizes and you can also pick gifts with different numbers of slates e.g. two (as shown in the photo) or three.  And you can write your own message and in some crates, you can choose the colour of the crate too.

Some crates come without anything in them so you do need to check what is included on each gift - the contents of the crate shown to the left is for illustration only, for example.

Click here to see their range of crate gifts - they start at £20.00.  There are even some wine crates for the kitchen, perfect for storing those lovely bottles of vino! 

 What about giving a Stacks of Flavour gift?
Click here to see the full Stacks of Flavour range

Another option is to give a Stacks of Flavour  present, also from Suttons.  And you can personalise them, too :-) 

The idea behind these crates is that they make salad, herb and vegetable growing much easier to do however big or small your garden.  Since the crates are portable, you can move it around your garden - and you can also take it with you if you move :-)  You can stack them, too, and they are fantastic quality.  Suttons Seeds also stock crate liners for £1.99.  

You can choose from a range of flavours, from herbs, salads, the "some like it hot" one (that's chillies and the like), and Strawberry Fields.  

Give the pleasure of growing your own food and devouring the results!  Click here to see the full Stacks of Flavour range - they start at £20.00